Ramblings of November 2008

The views expressed in the following post are not my own. 


The EU have now ruled that ugly fruit and veg will now be allowed in the EU markets. I was not aware that there was such a law not to allow ugly fruit and veg in. In the markets and shops I used to admire the pristine qualities of the produce. Now I know.

So you pick the best and leave the rest for the third world. It is the same way that they brain drain the poor regions? Be real now. What does the ugliness of a fruit or a veg have to do with its goodness and taste? We can’t blame, we must blame ourselves. Anything they want from us are the best. But anything we want from them we don’t care as long as it is from foreign. Kinky carrots, curvy tomato and pot bellied turnips are not welcome. Call it fruit and veg apartheid. “When puss belly full him say rat batty stink”.

But now the credit crunch a lick dem. They can’t afford to buy beautiful food. Spending power cut. So hang on. Ugly carrot suddenly becomes eatable. It is all two faced and patronising. I remember back then when we took bananas to the boxing plant only to be turned away by the selector due to a teeny weeny scracth on one finger on a big ten hand bunch.


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