Food for Thought

Can convenience and love coexist in a relationship?

X and Y say that they are in love with each other. They have been together for a number of years but they have separate places of abode. Y’s income is higher than that of X’s. Y also has a lesser monthly expense. X has a significantly higher expenditure which Y constantly helps to fund. Y does as he pleases without taking into consideration X’s thoughts and feelings and it really uspets X.

X expresses her dissatisfaction but Y continues with his selfish attitude. So is it the money that keeps X glued to Y?


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I Wander

Sometimes I wander far away thinking that I can escape whatever tribulations that burden me. Then suddenly, I bring myself back and realize that things that I worry about are not always as bad as it seems. I have to love life. I have to appreciate my annoyingly loud relatives who believe that screaming instead of speaking is more effective. Have to admit that some of my neighbours’ situations make me feel better about myself. What am I trying to get at here? You tell me.


The inspiration is free.