The Musician who Teaches

Carlos Muciño is the kind of guy you would consider to be pleasantly awkward when you speak to him because he trys not to offend you or make you feel uncomfortable. A really intelligent person who knows a lot about his Mexican history, Carlos will tell you the truth about politics, social mishappenings and the likes without seeming arrogant.

He is passionate about teaching the English language. You can tell he dislikes ignorance in others, however, he tolerates it and is most diplomatic with his approach.

Currently living in Pamplona, Spain where he continues to create great music – I heard the track titled “The End” – Carlos, the teaching musician, has embarked upon a new adventure.

Carlos at the bus stop.

What is your profession Carlos? – I have a degree in Philosophy and English  Teacher.

Use five adjectives to describe yourself. – Restless, daydreamer, messy sometimes, creative, adventurous.

Why Spain? – Well, to be honest I just started keeping in touch again with my junior highschool girlfriend and we fell in love just as deeply and darn corny way or even more than we did in teenager times. She had been here for a couple of years and I had been feeling like kind of empty and unhappy with the current job I had so I decided to make the move.

Plaza del Castillo

You are a musician. What inspired you to go that route? – I think musicians in general use music as a means of communication and catharsis. On my opinion it is like a deeper state of soul to soul communication. It is something sometimes words themselves cannot get to express and I may need to express myself that way.

What instruments do you use for your craft? – I play the guitar, the harmonica, some keyboards, and still need to work harder and improve at drums.
I like singing but I am not a singer. Song writing is what I think I can do well.

What inspires you to write music? – Sometimes states of being and the need of taking out deep and strong emotions opinions and ideas that some others might communicate by chatting or interacting with people in different ways. I think we all have things to say, but music is the channel some of us need to use. It´s like words wrapped with strong feelings.

Have you taken it to the professional level? – No.  I have talked to some professionals and I think some of them stop enjoying it somehow when it becomes a business and something that you must do.  Amateurs enjoy doing it. That is me. Music is my life.

Describe Spain’s music scene. – Well, besides that pop music we all know in Mexico, like Mecano, Alejandro Sanz and the stuff, The good rock
bands and performers like Miguel Rios and Sabina, The folk music here is very special and emotional. Spanish guitars sound awesome and the flamenco music and dance has its own peculiar taste. It is great.

Carlos' neighbourhood.

Is it different from that of Mexico? – Well traditional music here is the Flamenco, Alegrías and the like. I am getting to learn more about that. This music is usually performed by a guitar player who sometimes is also the singer and a single dancer or a group of dancers while Mariachi music is performed by usually a group of at least 7 musicians. More instruments are involved here. Spanish flamenco guitar players are tremendously skillful. Not everyone can get to play that music well. I can say pop music here and there is quite similar. I am Mexican and maybe that is why I find Mariachi music more touchy and meaningful but I know this is mainly because of my culture and it does not necessarily mean that Mexican music is better.

Congreso de los Diputados, Madrid

You are a fan of the reggae band Chalice. One of the members lives on the same street as me. When did you first hear their music? – Well, when I was 22 I enjoyed listening to Reggae music and most of people in Mexico knew about Bob Marley. I am now turning 44.  Once a friend of mine shared with me the Chalice band song “I´m trying”. I got impressed and kept on listening more. They went to Mexico soon and I was there to enjoy their great music. “I´m trying, to keep the music from dying”… I can hear that song in my mind right now. I really like and I can see how the musicians dance in a special way while playing the instruments. You can see they really enjoy what they do.


Describe the genre of music you create. – Well, I have written traditional Mexican songs, pop songs, indie-like rock songs, romantic ballads in spanish, protest-like songs in spanish, some others like the 80´s style and a Reggae song in spanish too. I think I write what I feel like doing at the moment and I do not limit myself to a kind of music.

San Fermines Festival in Pamplona

Any words for the aspiring musicians? – I think we are what we are. We must do what we like as long as it shows what you feel and think. Believe in yourselves. For many people it is easier to say what you cannot do. Tell yourself what you can. Taking it to a professional level is a personal decision but the good beginning is doing what you like and going to school. Learn. Open your perspectives. I have never taken music lessons and I regret about that. I have been a self learner and that is the long way. Take the short one. I am starting guitar lessons now at age 44. If you know music is your life then the sooner the better.