Lorane Rhoden – The Fashionista Journalist That Can

Petite with an amazing style, Lorane Rhoden can be classified as the anti-Jamaican, where her sense of style is concerned. She accessorizes differently. Rane will wear a long dark colored scarf made from a light material in the scorching New Kingston afternoon sun, yet you wouldn’t say that she is out of her mind. She just puts it together well dammit!

I would like to think that young wannabe island “hot girls” envy her for being able to look like the haute trendsetters they see on television and high end fashion magazines a la Gossip Girl. No one knows where they went wrong. But, Lorane does, and she actually cares – hence her fashion blog http:// hautepeople.blogspot.com that gives tips on where to buy, how to wear what you buy, and the likes.


*State your profession. – Journalist

*You have a Bachelors in Communications yet you are inclined more towards fashion. Explain. – Communication is the activity of conveying information, i was always intrigued by the English Language and the way it determines one’s place in society.However , most of my life i have been creative : drawing and experimenting with different mediums. Fashion overall is something that i enjoy. It fuses music, lifestyle fantasy and reality.

*What areas of the fashion industry do you admire most? – Definitely, Fashion Design and Merchandise Marketing.

*Why didn’t you study fashion? – I have no idea. Like seriously, I think it’s because I’d want to go to a creative school like F.I.D.M and be around other creative weirdos (like myself). Unfortunately, going overseas was not an option for me at that time.

*How did the idea for your fashion blog come about? – That’s quite a story. I have another blog where I wrote about “a bunch a tings” including people’s business. I was actually encouraged by one of my former friends to actually write about something I’m good at instead of peoples’ business {she smiles}

*Where does your inspiration come from? – Everything! Literally – if I see a piece of paper that looks – unique to me. That’s my inspiration.

*Any Jamaican designers you admire? – I like Uzuri . I don’t even know if they are still around. But they have/had some really classy stuff.

*You have seen me in work attire. How would you describe my swag? Be honest, I can take it. – OMG! Girl. I’d define your style as “tomboy chic”. You wore a lot of pant suits for a slim person. But then – you’d sometimes wear really nice boots

*You have the opportunity of a lifetime to work with only one high end designer. Who would it be? – OK. Can I go back in time? Most definitely the late great Alexander McQueen. His designs were over the top and out of this world. It was like he had a time machine or sum’n and went into the future to see the hot trends. His designs are auh mazing, they are like wearable art.

*Doutzen Kros or Devon Aoki? – Doutzen Kros. She’s been featured in all the high end magazines ranging from Vogue to Avantgarde. Plus, she’s a V.S. angel. That’s like a high esteem in the modelling world.

*Tyson Beckford or Kibwe? – Definitely Tyson! Have you seen his abs, or his eyes? And that smile! Hot damn! {moment of silence please} It’s like he was created for my viewing pleasure {smiles}. The man is an Adonis. No sah! {laughs out loud}. He is too foine.It’s almost unfair.

*What is your dream job? – To be a successful Journalist with my own tres’ chic production company. And to have my own E! True Hollywood Story {smiles}


The inspiration is free.