Risky Business

Should the individual that walks the straight path be honoured or ridiculed? It can be argued that said individual is fearful if he or she has never taken risks of a certain magnitude. On the other hand, the huge risk taker can be regarded as reckless and selfish.

Let us get the definition of risk from the gander: –

J says: Risk is the chance that a venture will not go as planned, possibility of an unpleasant/ undesired outcome as a result of an action. I take a risk when entering a relationship  as it may leave me heartbroken.

R says: To me risk is defined as taking that leap without knowing how it’ll play out. To say “well, however this ends, I know I tried”. One risk I can honestly said I took was going on stage for my first freestyle battle, even though I had insane stage fright. Years later people still remember that night so it’s a risk I’m glad that I took.

R says: I consider risk to be a leap of faith into the unknown while hoping for a desired result. I think we all take risks daily but they are often scaled based on implication. I once risked a close friendship for the truth about my sexuality but I got the desired result… haha

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