Conquering Misery

We’ve all heard the saying “Misery loves company”. At times you end up being a member of that company without wanting to or even knowing. Don’t you just hate when that happens? The following is a step by step guide on how to piss off misery and avoid its deathly engagement.

1. Stare misery in the face and let it know that you are aware of its intentions.

2. Boldy ignore the tactics and strategies that it uses to reel you in.

3. At no point should you verbally confront misery.

After all this, misery will then deteriorate from its own – you guessed it – misery.

The inspiration is free.


Master of All Things Sexual

Master! Master!

I have many friends and acquaintances who inspire me without even knowing. A lover of life would know that ideas for stories, poems, among other things can be born from a simple line in a conversation. Which brings us to this post – courtesy of El Rey.


I have my victim handcuffed to the bed with her eyes blind folded, playing that “dun dun dun dun dun…” suspense theme music that they use in flims in the background. 
Then I very carefully, in different spots, when she isn’t expecting it… start nibbling.
When she can’t take the suspense anymore (and is very ready),  I go in for the kill.


The inspiration is free.

Self-realization vs. the Norm

What makes a human being great? History making achievements like the late Steve Jobs of Apple or accepting oneself as mortal.

Many people read about the great philosophers before their time. Some try to teach and interpret their work. Sometimes we should just read and let be. Analyzing is cool, if it will get you a passing grade on your exam. If not, just read and let be. Don’t try to figure out the message all the time. Seriously, is it going to make your life any better?

A crackhead probably became a crackhead because taking the drug makes him feel good. A murderer probably just murders out of boredom. I probably write and annoy people to read it because I want to stroke my own damn ego.

I really don’t think that the title of this entry has anything to do with its content. Analyze that or let it be.

The inspiration is free. 

I Wander

Sometimes I wander far away thinking that I can escape whatever tribulations that burden me. Then suddenly, I bring myself back and realize that things that I worry about are not always as bad as it seems. I have to love life. I have to appreciate my annoyingly loud relatives who believe that screaming instead of speaking is more effective. Have to admit that some of my neighbours’ situations make me feel better about myself. What am I trying to get at here? You tell me.


The inspiration is free. 

George Mccaulsky – Divo in the making

I had the opportunity to ask George some questions about fashion  and style. As an eclectic dresser, I wanted to know the ins and outs of his fashion universe that he is obviously absorbed in. George would be conversing with you and he easily gets distracted by, you guessed it, fashion. Please feel free to ask for his contact information if you require his services. He’s pretty much worth it.

Your best friends know you as…?  – FEARLESS

What is your profession? – UWI student\aspiring top stylist & model /sales rep& consultant for “TEEN BLING”

What Zodiac sign are you? – Cancer

What fragrances do you use? – Calvin Klein, Jadore Dior

Where do you like to shop for your clothes? – Anywhere and everywhere…lol

Describe your personal style in 5 words. – Modern, daring, fashion forward, budget conscious, thoughtful

Which fashion mecca would you like to visit? – Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo, London all of em

I have heard you use words suchs as “delish”and “fabu”. Tell us what they mean and share your lingo with us. – Well for me it’s all about being different and standing out I work in fashion for Christ sake! No one like a knock off…be memorable or be gone.

What is your favourite fashion accessory? – I love a good vest or a light colourful scarf. Either can just jazz up any outfit.

What is a must have in your closet?  – Skinny jeans and lots and lots of bags.

What is a must have in your cosmetics bag? – Concealer. I’m in university remember.

Boxers or briefs? – briefs

Bow tie or suspenders? – Can I have both? Can’t choose I’m a nerd at heart lol….but I probably have more bow ties though.

You were hired by me to shop for some clothes. You did a good job by the way. Tell us about your personal shopper/styling aspirations. – Thank you hunni. It all depends on the client, the budget and the event. As a stylist or shopper you need to please the client make the look great and always remember the fashion!!!!!

Is there a strategy you use to shop for individuals? – I usually like to browse, shop around, compare prices, and just get a feel for what’s out there and what would be the best for the client’s body and budget. And I think that’s a great tip  – don’t just go in one store and get what they have. Shop around and get a feel of prices and what’s out there before you buy.

Which Jamaican celebrity would you like to makeover? – OMG! Umm now this is a question and a half. If I had to pick one I’d probably say Spice. I think she has the potential for greatness in terms of style and her store is hot. I think what I’m saying isn’t really that she needs a makeover but I’d love to dress her.

Do you think that Jamaica has any male fashion icons? – I think we have up and coming male fashion icons but everyone trys to put their best foot forward. I think they just need to work on distinguishing themselves with whoever else is already out there.

If so, who are they? – The only really fashion icon I can think of is Vybz Kartel. He takes risk no matter how outrageous they might be. He is memorable and in a class all his own.

Why do you consider him a fashion icon? – When he does something or get something done in terms of his look he makes ‘headlines’, textbook definition of a fashion icon…hope the divas and divos don’t crucify me for saying that lmao.

What services do you offer and what are your rates? – Well I do styling, and personal shopping. With rates I’m flexible and it depends on the scope of the job and the budget of the client… and I work with the store TEEN BLING the hottest up and coming spots for teens to shop. Rated FTO for teens only.

Anything you would like to say to my readers? – Not to be afraid of fashion…go in your closets, play around and clothes are our statements to the world. We can be whoever and whatever you want. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. 5 thousand can be just as fab as 20 thousand.

The inspiration is free.